Representative Clients

The firm's music clients have included the following:

  • Recorded music companies (ranging from start-ups to joint ventures, and from established independent labels to the “major” multinational recorded music companies)
  • Music publishing companies
  • Internet distribution services and platforms (both digital downloading and streaming)
  • Physical record manufacturing and distribution companies
  • Recording artists, including singers, musicians, and musical groups
  • Composers and Songwriters
  • DJs
  • Producers
  • Artist managers
  • Talent agents
  • Software and “app” developers
  • Platforms for user-generated content
  • Social media services
  • Recording studios
  • Portable device (hardware) manufacturers
  • “Music video” cable and satellite television networks with programming consisting primarily of music videos, live music performances, music news and interviews, and pop culture matters

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The firm's motion picture, television, and other audiovisual production clients have included the following:

  • Businesses engaged in distributing and monetizing motion pictures, television productions, and other video programming, including:
    • cable and satellite television networks,
    • IP-based delivery services, including over-the-top (OTT) providers and multi-channel networks (MCNs)
    • services offering electronic sell-through (EST), “locker” (cloud-based) services, and streaming services
  • Producers of motion pictures, television programs, and other audiovisual content
  • Screenwriters
  • Actors
  • Score composers
  • Business providing special effects services

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The firm's clients in the digital content ecosystem have included the following:

  • Cable and satellite television networks
  • Developers and publishers of “apps” and interactive video games
  • Internet services and other IP-based delivery systems distributing and monetizing recorded music, motion pictures, television productions and other video programming, and user-generated content, including:
    • services offering digital downloads, electronic sell-through (EST), and rentals
    • digital “locker” services
    • streaming services
    • over-the-top (OTT) video delivery services
    • multi-channel networks (MCNs)
    • platforms for user-generated content
    • social media services
  • Creators, owners, and producers of musical compositions, sound recordings, motion pictures, television productions and other video programming, and other content, including:
    • recorded music companies
    • music publishers
    • producers of audiovisual productions
    • composers and recording artists

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The firm's licensing clients have included the following:

  • Recorded music companies, from start-ups to the “majors”
  • Music publishing companies
  • Cable and satellite television networks
  • Producers of motion pictures and other audiovisual productions
  • Software developers, including developers of interactive video games and “apps”
  • Internet services engaging in distributing and monetizing motion pictures and other audiovisual productions, and recorded music, including services for digital downloads, electronic sell-through, streaming, and mixed services
  • Internet services for user-generated content
  • Producers of ballets, musicals, and other works of performing art
  • Entertainers and other talent, including recording artists, DJs, and actors
  • Visual artists
  • Social media services and other Internet services
  • Creative agencies
  • Marketing companies
  • Merchandisers

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The firm's clients for branding, merchandising, sponsorships, and endorsements have included the following:

  • Entertainers and other talent, including:
    • Recording artists
    • DJs
    • actors
  • Creative agencies
  • Online digital advertising platforms
  • Recorded music companies
  • Social media services
  • Cable and satellite television networks
  • Producers of motion pictures
  • Electronic device manufacturers and distributors
  • Marketing companies
  • Merchandising companies

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The firm's creative arts clients have included the following:

  • Live theatrical talent, including:
    • actors,
    • choreographers,
    • designers,
    • directors, and
    • playwrights
  • Producers of live theatrical productions
  • Artists, including:
    • painters
    • multimedia artists
    • photographers
    • sculptors
  • Galleries and art dealers
  • Parties commissioning original artwork
  • Buyers of artwork

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The firm's corporate-matter clients have included the following:

  • Businesses at every stage of development, including startups
  • Private equity and venture capital firms
  • investors
  • Senior managers and executives (for employment agreements)
  • Artists and performers
  • Songwriters
  • Artist managers
  • Online advertising services
  • Advertising, marketing, and branding firms
  • Software developers,
  • Multimedia Internet services
  • Producers of live entertainment events
  • Talent managers
  • DJs
  • Bands
  • Club owners
  • Recorded music companies
  • Music publishing companies

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